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Private International Law

The free circulation of goods, services and persons in the EU unavoidably triggers difficult situations where and when the competent jurisdiction and/or the applicable law has to be determined. The so-called „ conflict of laws” and „ conflict of jurisdictions” is a delicate area that more and more private individuals are nowadays confronted with. Couples with different nationality getting divorced in a third country or purchasing a real property; inharitance proceedings with legal successors spread around several locations; travellers getting in trouble during holidays spent abroad (stolen goods or car accident) ; expat employees seeking the protection of the labour law of the native country: a variety of complex situations where the applicable law and the national court/ country dealing with the case needs to be identified long before the problem is dealt with on the merits.

Our firm has the adequate expertise in private international law: we know exactly where to „look for” and how to „play” with the international and EU conventions on conflicts of laws and jurisdictions, thereby meeting the needs of even the most demanding clients.
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